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€115.00 -18%

If you need security in all circumstances, the new Babolat Movea is the ideal model. This shoe has reinforcements, which give it greater durability. Its double lateral bands, will offer you unparalleled stability. In addition, it has a woven mesh in the forefoot for comfort.

€155.00 -36%

The Jet Premura from Babolat is the first shoe specially designed for padel. Chosen as the 2019 Padel Shoe of the Year and worn by #1 Juan Lebron, the Jet Premura is the ultimate padel shoe with which you can feel and predict every move of the match.

€100.00 -31%
The Jet TERE is designed for speed (Tere = speed in Maori). Its sleek design and airy mesh will give you the feeling of flying down the runway, offering a good compromise between lightness, comfort and agility.

€140.00 -36%
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Do you have aggressive footwork, a strong stride and can glide on hard courts? The Propulse Fury is ideal for you! It has several reinforcements, which make it more durable. Thanks to its large, wrap-around side strips, which offer you unparalleled stability and unique comfort, your shots will be more precise.

€115.00 -22%

You need to get to the ball as quickly as possible to attack or defend, even at a difficult angle... Because comfort, stability and a feeling of security at all times are fundamental to your choice, we have developed the Propulse Blast. It has several reinforcements for increased durability. With its integrated double side straps, it offers unparalleled stability. The woven mesh in the forefoot offers the ultimate in comfort. Dare to take the most daring strokes.

Babolat Padel Men's Shoes

Find the best shoes to play paddle tennis, Babolat paddle tennis shoes has years of experience in tennis and has moved it to the paddle. Find in M1 the best Babolat men's shoes with the latest technologies such as the shoes with Michelin soles that will cushion your steps and will offer you the best grip.

The best Babolat Padel Men shoes

Babolat men's padel shoes are characterised by their high quality construction and exceptional cushioning that will minimise the strain on your muscles with every step you take during the match. Making it one of the best options when choosing your next padel shoe.