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If you're looking for a padel racket that can deliver explosive power and great manoeuvrability, the new babolat Air Viper 2023 Padel Racket is the padel racket for you. Hit it when you have the chance and you'll feel like you're in the air.

Who is the Babolat Air Viper designed for?

The Air Viper racket is mainly designed for intermediate or advanced players who already have a base in padel and want to improve and perfect their skills on the court. This racket has a good balance due to its medium balance which makes it quite manageable but if we talk about its materials we can say that it is closer to power than control. It has a 16k carbon finish on its sides which is very reactive to powerful shots.

If we have to put a but, it is that due to the hardness of its faces it is a little difficult to control it.

All in all this means that this Premium level racket is aimed at aggressive players who demand resistance and power from the racket but do not want a racket with a big head or a balance that is too high.

What materials and technologies are used in the Babolat Air Viper racket?

The racket has been constructed with high quality components that enhance the player's performance on the court.

One of the key features of the Air Viper racket is the 16k carbon composition of its faces. This high-end carbon fibre material provides exceptional strength and stiffness. The faces offer great stability, which translates into more power on every shot and greater structural strength.

In addition to the construction with high quality materials, there are also technologies that make the model a premium model.

  • Vibrasorb System

    Despite its hard composition, the racket has the Vibrasorb System technology, a system designed by Babolat to minimise the vibrations generated during the impact of the ball on the racket. This system is based on the incorporation of elastomers in the carbon fibres at the heart of the racket in order to absorb and disperse unwanted vibrations.

  • 3D SPIN+

    Babolat's 3D SPIN+ technology is an innovative feature that maximizes control and spin in padel. Its three-dimensional embossed design and special texture allow it to generate greater rotation and control on every shot, thus improving the player's precision and responsiveness.