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The GEL-CHALLENGER 13 Clay tennis shoe creates the stability you need when you're covering the baseline, so you can keep your mind focused on controlling the point.

The shoe's supportive upper keeps your feet locked-in on the shoe's platform. It creates a reinforced feel during volleys or when you're dropping back to track down deep lob shots.WINGWALL technology is placed in the sidewall to improve stability during side-to-side movements. This feature offers good support, so you can step into your shot and strike the ball with more pace.

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The GEL-PADEL PRO 4 shoe is a versatile model for tennis or padel players. Thanks to improved support and high comfort, this shoe is ideal for those who want to enhance their on-court experience.This shoe, which combines synthetic leather overlays and mesh panels on the upper, provides optimal breathability and support at all times. In addition, TRUSSTIC SYSTEM technology in the midsole provides great stability on the court during fast transitions.

Asics Women's Padel Shoes

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Asics Women's Padel Tennis Shoes

Asics Women's padel shoes is one of the best selling women's padel shoes, because buying an Asics women's padel shoe is synonymous with quality because Asics shoes incorporate the latest technologies in their shoes to manufacture high performance shoes.
As for the designs of the Asics women's padel shoes, they are very similar to the men's, changing only the range of colours for more pastel colours, making them shoes with a spectacular aesthetic to wear both on and off the court.