Asics Solution Speed Padel Shoes



Asics Gel Solution Speed FF2 Shoes

For athletes looking for speed, the Asics Gel Solution Speed FF2 pádel shoes will help you increase your performance by combining a more flexible fit with greater comfort.
This shoe allows for a quicker acceleration period between breaks, so it's ideal for players who want to get to the ball fast and hit their shot quickly.

Asics Gel Solution Clay Shoes

With a polyurethane layer on the upper, it aids in support, fit and flexibility. Adding its DYNAWARP technology, the Asics Gel Solution Clay padel shoes improves grip in the forefoot for better support on lateral movements.
By including ASICSGRIP along with the Clay outsole, traction in the forefoot is greatly improved along with grip. And to ensure that the foot is supported and comfortable, technologies such as FLYTEFOAM are added to increase shock absorption and responsiveness.