What are the Asics padel racquets for 2022?

Asics is one of the leading brands in the sports market and is undoubtedly a renowned brand. Their padel racquets are in the top sales every year and that is not easy to achieve. The Asics padel racquets that they have prepared for 2021 are the ones from last season. When something is good, it is often not necessary to touch it. They have kept all their models for this year, with some of the most outstanding ones being the Asics Speed Lima, one of the best selling and most outstanding padel racquets of the brand. It is worn by Pablo Lima himself, one of the best players on the World Padel Tour circuit.

Asics padel racquets are always synonymous with quality, good materials and good finishes. Designed for experienced and demanding players, Asics has made a padel racket for every type of player. Do you like to slam dunk and get the ball out?  Do you prefer to dominate the game? The Asics Control Pro gives you a spectacular opportunity. They are padel racquets that offer great power, control and stability thanks to their compact carbon, which will allow you to hit powerful shots in the direction and position that suits you best.

What do Asics padel racquets have to offer?

Something that should be noted about Asics Padel Rackets is its great versatility in its range of padel racquets as they have a type of racket for each different player profile, if you are an aggressive player, the Speed range is perfect for you, a range of diamond-shaped rackets, a high sweet spot and compact materials that allow a great ball output with a lot of power. On the other hand, it has its Hybrid range, an intermediate padel racket between power and control that will give you great versatility on the court. And finally, its Control range with padel racquets with a rounded shape for those players who like to have control on the court.

Any other Asics padel racket recommendations?

At Match Sports we are aware that players want us to recommend some of the best options on the market. That's why we can't overlook the mid-range of Asics. They have achieved a great balance between good materials and balanced padel racquets that is worthy of admiration.

On the one hand, we would like to highlight the Asics Control Balance, a padel racket oriented to the control game, very comfortable to play, with a large sweet spot and Alutex on its sides for a better control of the game. On the other hand, another great option is precisely the Asics Speed Balance, which allows a more aggressive game, giving us a slightly higher sweet spot. This combined with the EVA rubber gives us a great all-round padel racket for all situations.

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