Asics padel bags

The best Asics padel bags are here. Made with high quality materials, Asics padel bags have always stand out for their resistance and elegance. With lots of space to store your racket, clothes and much more! If you are looking for a long-lasting bag, Asics are just what you are looking for. They have already shown us this with the Asics 2019 padel bags, which, with its great design and size, has become one of the bags that has surprised us the most this year due to its great manufacturing quality and its elegance.

Among the Asics 2020 padel bag  models, we highlight three large Asics pallet racks. The model is the same but is available in three colours. It is available in black with details in yellow, a classic and elegant design, with plenty of space to store all kinds of objects and to transport them easily. There is also a blue version with light blue details, which is just as spacious as its brother. Finally, the navy blue design with details in red. This paletero is something more discreet than the previous one named, but with more alive colors than the black. It is somewhere in between these two.

Paleteros Asics

Finally, it is worth mentioning the paletero Asics, one of the most sold Asics padel bag this year. It has a medium size and its design is very sober. We are talking about the Asics Padel Bag Medium. It is a bag for those who are looking for a smaller size, while maintaining an elegant design and reinforced materials. For those players who are not looking for a big size but need some space.