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Adidas Adidas Cross It 2024 padel racket, a new model with a diamond shape that comes with the Adidas 2024 padel racket collection.

If you are a passionate padel racket looking for a racket that combines power and control, the Metalbone Team Light 3.3 2024 padel racket is the perfect choice. This high performance padel racket is designed to take you to the next level on the court.


If you're looking for the perfect balance of control and versatility on the padel racket, look no further than the Adipower CTRL Team 3.3 2024 padel racket. This high-performance padel racket is the ideal choice for players who want to master every shot with precision and comfort.

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For a game more focused on control, the new racket Adidas Metalbone CTRL 3.2 2023, which despite being designed for control, also offers a power that will surprise you.

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With the new Adidas collection, comes the new Adipower Ctrl Team 2023, an ideal racket for all situations, although its most notorious quality is the control of the court.

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A racket with which you will fight against two opponents at the same time, your rival on the court and the fight for the environment. With the Adidas RX Greenpadel 2023 racket you will have a high quality racket with 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials.

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The new Adidas RX2000 Light 2023 is one of the lightest racquets from Adidas. Thanks to its light weight, it will help you to have a better manoeuvrability when hitting the ball.

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Getting started in the world of padel is easy with the Adidas Drive 3.2 2023 racket, a racket that will make you experience every game in a unique way while you learn with it.

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Adidas has presented the new model Adidas Drive Light 3.2 2023, which shines for its light weight and great manageability, ideal if you want to get into padel.

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Adidas has updated its line of racquets for players who want to advance their game in a step-by-step fashion, offering the new Adidas Match 3.2 2023 racket.

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The Adipower Ctrl 3.1, the padel racket that Alex Ruiz will use again this season 2022 in the WPT, one of the best Adidas padel racquets of control
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The Adidas Adipower lite 3.1, the new version of the Adipower lite for this season 2022, a padel racket with the perfect balance between power and comfort.

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The Adidas Match 3.1, a new version of the Adidas Padel Collection 2022, the padel racket for beginners par excellence.


Getting started in padel with the Adidas Match 3.3 Black Lime is like ensuring a triumphant start. This padel racket, created by Adidas, not only stands out for its modern and attractive design, but also for its premium technical features, ensuring exceptional performance on the padel court.


Set off on your padel journey with the Adidas Match 3.3 Black Red 2024, guaranteeing a successful start. This padel racket, designed by Adidas, not only stands out for its attractive and modern design, but is also distinguished by its remarkable high-quality technical features, ensuring exceptional performance on the padel court.


The Adidas Drive Vintage Padel Racket, year 2024, is ideal for padel racket beginners. Inspired by classic Adidas models, it fuses vintage colours with advanced features. Its round shape and centred sweet spot offer absolute control. Beyond its aesthetic design, it is a balanced option in quality and price, perfect to start with confidence in the padel court.


Ready to dive into the world of padel with confidence? The Adidas Drive Light 3.3 is the ideal choice. Designed to give you a solid start in the sport, this padel racket combines control and power to suit your first moves on the court.

Who are Adidas padel rackets designed for?

Adidas padel rackets have become leaders in the padel racket market, thanks to their collection of rackets designed with cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of all types of players. Within the lines of this collection, we would like to highlight the following:

  • Adidas Metalbone Line
    This line offers a variety of padel rackets for advanced players. It presents two types of moulds and rubbers of different hardnesses, which allow for greater control or power depending on the needs of each player. Examples of this are the Adidas Metalbone Ctrl 3.3 2024 and the Adidas Metalbone 3.3 2024, which offer different characteristics in terms of control and power, respectively.
  • Adidas Adipower line
    Another outstanding line of Adidas rackets is the Adipower, which is characterised by its stability, power and resistance to torsion. This is achieved thanks to the incorporation of eXoskeleton technology, which consists of carbon ribs in the heart of the racket to provide structural reinforcement.
  • Adidas Women's racket line
    Finally, it is important to mention the specific range of padel for women. A line of rackets with a lighter weight making them more maneuverable and improving their playability, this range is found in all lines of the Adidas collection as: the racket of Martita Ortega the Adidas Adipower Light 3.2 2023, Adidas Metalbone Woman Team 2023, also in its line of initiation Adidas Match Light 3.3 2024.

What are the reasons to choose an Adidas racket?

At M1Padel we recommend Adidas rackets as an excellent choice when looking for a new padel racket. These rackets stand out for their excellent performance in the game, as they have managed to find the perfect balance by offering both flexibility and control as well as excellent power, while ensuring good resistance.

How have the Adidas 2024 racquets improved?

Adidas paddle continues to strive to improve and perfect its products, incorporating the best materials and technologies in its development process, with the aim of ensuring that their racquets are always at the height. This is evident in the top ranges of their collections in recent years, where they have perfected the design and manufacturing process, increasing the size of the plates to cover the frame of the racket to prevent possible cracks and provide greater durability against powerful blows.

Ale Galan: La leyenda del pádel que desafía los límites

Alejandro Galán, the prodigious world-renowned padel player, is an unstoppable force on the court. His precise technique and bold style have made him a benchmark in the sport. Ale Galán relies on the Metalbone racket, a true technological jewel. With an avant-garde design and manufactured with high quality materials, this racket offers a perfect balance between power and control. Ale Galán masters every point with mastery thanks to the perfect combination of his skill and the reliable Adidas Metalbone 3.3 2024 Padel racket .

This racket is renowned for its balance between power and control. Its innovative design and quality construction provide an exceptional experience. It is the perfect choice for players of all levels looking to improve their game and enjoy competition on the court.

Adidas Green Padel

As we know Adidas is one of the pioneering brands in the world of padel and every year shows us a new collection with the latest innovations such as Adidas Green Padel philosophy that reflects one of the main values of the brand Adidas Padel on caring for the environment, having a line of ecological padel racquets made with Eco-Friendly materials such as Flax fiber, natural fiber ecological flax that gives you an extraordinary versatility in both attack and defense.

In M1 PADEL, you can get the necessary information and advice, so that your doubts about your favourite sport are solved. With a variety of prices and offers, your Adidas padel racquets online at the best price even closer, enjoy them!

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