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Adidas padel racquets for 2022

The new 2022 collection of Adidas padel racquets for this year offers some of the best options in both variety and quality on the market. Offering high-end padel racquets made entirely of carbon and High Memory EVA rubber so you can adapt the padel racket to your playing style. In addition, this year they are also offering a good entry-level range, made of high-strength fibreglass that withstands all kinds of impacts. But without a doubt, this year Adidas takes the top spot with its new premium model with adjustable weight according to the user. A completely new mechanism that is undoubtedly one of the best weight systems we have tested. Of course, this year Adidas has not neglected its mid-range either.

Best Adidas Padel Rackets

According to the specialists of M1Padel, one of the best Adidas padel racquets for 2022 is the Adidas Metalbone, the padel racket of Ale Galan of Adidas Padel. Its great novelty lies in its possibility of variable weight according to each player. And this year Adidas has achieved a great innovation with this system, as it allows us to modify the balance of the padel racket according to our needs with extreme precision. Made of Carbon Aluminized and with a carbon frame, a 100% carbon padel racket is achieved. In short, a unique padel racket on the market.

Its twin sister oriented to the control game would be the Adidas Metalbone Control racket, the concept of the balance variation would be the same as the Metalbone, it is possible to completely modify the balance of the racket to make it more manageable or more consistent during the stroke. This model is designed for players looking for a control racket with maximum performance, with more ease to play from the back of the court and place the ball where the player wants.

Adidas 2021 padel racquets

Another of the padel racquets that stands out for this year and also for the past 2021 is the Adidas Adipower, the padel racket of Seba Nerone himself. A power padel racket conceived and designed to bring the ball to your court or get it out for 3 will no longer be so complicated. Made entirely of carbon, this padel racket is a great bet for lovers of power rackets, as its high balance and diamond shape make it ideal for this type of game. Another padel racket to highlight would be Alex Ruiz's racket, the Adidas Adipower Ctrl. A padel racket designed for those who like to dominate the game. Made of carbon, it gives you that extra power during the shots that will help you win the point. Not without leaving behind the great control that this padel racket offers.

Finally, we could not at least mention one of the top selling Adidas padel racquets such as Martita Ortega's padel racket. The Adidas Adipower Light, one of the most versatile Adidas women's padel racquets on the market. Its round shape and medium balance combined with the carbon construction make it the perfect padel racket for all situations. Very versatile in all situations.

We would like to highlight some of the best qualities of Adidas padel racquets. Comfortable padel racquets, with a great variety to meet the needs and tastes of each customer, with good ball feel and in general, with great manoeuvrability. Padel racquets, with good quality and padel racquets for the demands of high level players.

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Cheap Adidas padel racquets

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